Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy .5 to our Munchkin!!!


16 lbs 1 oz 27 inches long

3 lbs in his legs. 2 lbs in his arms. 3 lbs. in his belly 3 lbs in his head. and 4.1 lbs in his double chin!!

We are LOVING this age.  His little personality is coming out, and lets just say he's a pretty cool kid.  He is completely sitting up on his own, eating solids like a champ, and as of this week. . . SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AGAIN:))))  can you tell I'm excited?! On Monday i was like, that's it he is going in his crib and crying. (i know horrible, don't judge)  he cried for about and hour and a half and was out until 7:15 in the morning. Last night he cried for about an hour, got up once at around 4:30, but then was out again until almost noon!  Ohh Yeah.  Tonight in bed by 8:30, asleep by 8:40!  I'm in heaven.  I definitely think "cry it out" isn't for everyone (like Sean, he wasn't fond of it) but it worked for Cooper.  I feel like a whole new women with the amount of sleep I've had the past couple days.  It's wonderful!! 
Cooper is loving his bouncer.  His feet finally reach! He can bounce all day.  He is constantly smiling and laughing.  We couldn't be more in love!

Fun fact of the Day:  A year ago to this day we found out our little jellybean was a BOY!  What a glorious day that was.  I still remember it like it was yesterday.  Can't believe it's been a year and we get to enjoy him everyday!   

 Cooper with his cousin Shallon
 He loves dog tails. . .  for breakfast!
Try and catch me ridin' dirty

Too cute 

 Where's cooper?  OH there he is, almost couldn't find him with that camo

 mmm yum yums

 i think he may be too big for his swing. . . agree?
His 6 month battle wounds. . . proud of them!!
This was him a year ago. His forehead looks about the same, but his chin is a little bit bigger now, just a tad. 

Can't believe this was 6 months ago and how tiny he was

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