Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy .5 to our Munchkin!!!


16 lbs 1 oz 27 inches long

3 lbs in his legs. 2 lbs in his arms. 3 lbs. in his belly 3 lbs in his head. and 4.1 lbs in his double chin!!

We are LOVING this age.  His little personality is coming out, and lets just say he's a pretty cool kid.  He is completely sitting up on his own, eating solids like a champ, and as of this week. . . SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AGAIN:))))  can you tell I'm excited?! On Monday i was like, that's it he is going in his crib and crying. (i know horrible, don't judge)  he cried for about and hour and a half and was out until 7:15 in the morning. Last night he cried for about an hour, got up once at around 4:30, but then was out again until almost noon!  Ohh Yeah.  Tonight in bed by 8:30, asleep by 8:40!  I'm in heaven.  I definitely think "cry it out" isn't for everyone (like Sean, he wasn't fond of it) but it worked for Cooper.  I feel like a whole new women with the amount of sleep I've had the past couple days.  It's wonderful!! 
Cooper is loving his bouncer.  His feet finally reach! He can bounce all day.  He is constantly smiling and laughing.  We couldn't be more in love!

Fun fact of the Day:  A year ago to this day we found out our little jellybean was a BOY!  What a glorious day that was.  I still remember it like it was yesterday.  Can't believe it's been a year and we get to enjoy him everyday!   

 Cooper with his cousin Shallon
 He loves dog tails. . .  for breakfast!
Try and catch me ridin' dirty

Too cute 

 Where's cooper?  OH there he is, almost couldn't find him with that camo

 mmm yum yums

 i think he may be too big for his swing. . . agree?
His 6 month battle wounds. . . proud of them!!
This was him a year ago. His forehead looks about the same, but his chin is a little bit bigger now, just a tad. 

Can't believe this was 6 months ago and how tiny he was

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random pictures just for fun

 4 month shots
 our pretty pretty princess 
 this is nice ma
 nothing like front row seats
11 pm and WIDE awake

check out my new swing!

Cooper IS 5 months

Pheww finally all caught up! 

Cooper likes:

-walks in his stroller (loving this warm weather)
-his baby food (and caramel apple suckers and pickles)
-sitting up almost on his own
-fighting sleep (officially the worst sleeper ever)
-my hair. . . in his mouth.  Gross i know
-talking as loud as he possibly can
-laughing (that's the best)
-has a crush on dad
-tongue is always out to the right
-blow nose bubbles
-gasps with joy like a shrieking eel
-loves loves his bouncer, he could bounce all day


look what i can do

 mmm fun dip
Once again i missed his 4 months, but here is what he was up to!

-BABY FOOD!!  and he LOVES it.  Bananas are his favorite, but applesauce is a close runner up.  We started him on rice cereal and slowly added different things.  His pediatrician even said he could have yogurt and ice cream.  Crazy right? but Key Lime Greek yogurt is another favorite.  He figured out the spoon immediately. He even has to "help" me out.  He grabs my hand with the spoon and shoves it in his mouth.  Apparently I'm not fast enough:)
-he still doesn't like tummy time but rolls over pretty well
-always talking and smiling
-Has become an even worse sleeper.  Gets up about every hour on the hour.  That little stinker!!
-he puts everything in his mouth and i mean EVERYTHING!!

 first day of rice cereal with his manning bib
 air guitar, was frozen like this for a couple minutes
 nothing like wet slobbery lips

 shirt says it all
 watching sports is exhausting
 always looking at his hands
on valentine's day. he was my valentine. the doctor thought he had a rash ha ha

 i wish he liked binkies :((((
like i said. .. everything goes in his mouth

Cooper WAS three months

I am so bad at this!!  Cooper was three months more than 2 months ago.  But here a few pics and things he was up to at this age!

-rolling over
-loves his hands!  he's either looking at them or they're in his mouth
-still loves laying in the sink
-loves sitting in his bumbo
-slowly turning into not the best sleeper. Gets up 2-3 times:(
-smiles ALL the time. . . and we LOVE it:)

 "hello Ladies" i always say this in that Old Spice guy's voice

 daddy's mini me

just chillaxin' ya know?!

 mmm buffalo wild wings comaaaa
 say whaattt is that kobe???
 the black mamba puts him to sleep he he
 Proud to be sitting in a pink chair. . . i mean just look at that face
 Time for some sunday football. . . GOO Broncos
 Prince Ali on his throne

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cooper's Baby Blessing

Cooper was blessed December 30, 2012 aka Grammy's birthday!!  It was such a wonderful day; we were so happy most of our family could make it.  It made that day even more special.  We had the blessing at our church and then afterwards we had a little brunch at my Aunt Julia's and Uncle Brad's house.  The blessing was so thoughtful and amazing.  I'm so grateful for Sean and the preparation he did before the blessing.  You could really tell he was in tune with the spirit and that the blessing was everything Cooper will need throughout his life.  I'm so glad Grammy knows short hand and was able to write it down so that we can have a copy of it. I can't wait for Cooper to read it one day.  Thanks for all who were able to make it, especially Greg (poor Tason woke up with the stomach flu and they still made it)  It will definitely be a day Sean and I will never forget. 

Christmas in VIVA Las Vegas

Sean and I switch every year on where we'll spend thanksgiving/Christmas.  This year Christmas was spent with Sean's family.  His parents live in Las Vegas so off to Nevada we went.  We had so much fun.  All of Sean's brothers were able to make it down for the holiday.  It was so great seeing everyone, 4 brothers, 4 sister in laws, 13 nieces and nephews, and of course Grammy and granddad.  Some of the fun things we did were we went to a yummy buffet, got family pictures taken, did a cousin nativity scene, made cookies for Santa (the sister in laws had some dough and watched cowboy's and aliens, don't judge we're nursing starving mamas:) ), played lots of wii, played basketball, took the kiddos to the park, Grammy took me to get a very nice pedicure, Sean got to go range shooting, and so much more.  I love the holidays and spending them with family.  I'm so grateful to have such wonderful in laws.  They spoiled all of us!!  Here are some pics of the trip.  I can't wait until bear lake this summer when we will all be together again!!

 all 14 grandkids
 love this picture of Koven (6-18-12) Cooper (10-9-12) and Kade (10-5-12)

Cousin Nativity